Smart-Phone Cameras

Can my smart-phone take professional-like publishable photos?

Simple answer; yes!


Built-in camera technology in the latest iPhone and Android devices has evolved dramatically. Optical image stabilization, dual-pixel focusing, fast lens, fast digital processing and noise control, and even in-camera post processing are impressive features. These newer devices can produce photographs way more substantial than selfies and vacation-trip snapshots. There are millions and millions of these images viewable via social media some that are breathtaking on the small LCD screens.

Professional photographers have been forced to up their game to offer better imagery. So, their equipment has also advanced in technology, and maybe their artistic and digital skills have been forced to improve too. Mastering the artistry of photography understanding bokeh, lighting, special optics, shooting angles, and post-processing craftsmanship separate the masters from the ordinary.

Professional or not, the best equipment (camera) that a photographer needs to capture a prize-winning image is always the one that he has in his hand. Now days, most of us carry a smart-phone 100% of the time. …. So use it.

It does not matter if it was by-accident or you spent hours in your composition and setup.When you see that you have captured a breathtaking photo with your smart-phone camera, I’m sure you want to do more than just texting it to your friends.

Warning: An image may look terrific when viewed on the small-LCD screen of your smart-phone but may or may not look great when viewed on a large PC or tablet screen and may look entirely different when printed on photo-paper.

No matter what your intended final disposition, the first thing is to locate and find the “fill-sized” original image file, likely in a JPEG file. If your smart-phone camera settings were improper, this item has been destroyed. The image viewed may be a modified reduced-size item that has little chance of being publishable. If your smart-phone claims to have an 8MP camera, the deliverable original image file should be 8MP.


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